Walls & Fortifications B.A.S.E. System Set

DFA Miniatures

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The Walls and Fortifications B.A.S.E. System set includes everything you need to begin fortifying your base and will work seamlessly with all other wall types.


  • Walls measure 70 mm long
  • Gates measure 140 mm long
  • Fully compatible with other Wall types
  • Fortified walls accept any Turret weapon option

Set contains -

6 Light Walls

1 Light Gate

4 Angled Light Walls

6 Heavy Walls

1 Heavy Gate

4 Angled Heavy Walls

4 Fortified Walls (without weapons)

6 Pop-up Turret bases

2 Heavy Missile Turrets

2 Light Missile Turrets

2 Gauss Turrets

4 Laser Turrets