About Us

Death From Above Miniatures is a collective of creative individuals with a passion for 6 mm Science Fiction Wargames.


The Team


Dorian Sherratt - Designer and Supreme Overlord
Location - Probably best not to ask (but somewhere in Scotland).

Dorian is the founder and owner of DFA Miniatures. With 20 years of 3D design experience, he is responsible for designing the original 3D models of our products.

Dorian enjoys long walks in the rain, winding Jon up and designing tanks with really BIG guns.  

Jon Letham - Senior Toaster Hugger
Location - Locked in a basement somewhere in Canada.

Jon Letham

Jon is DFA's in-house painter and general rabble rouser. When not irritating the rest of the team with demands for items for his own collection, he paints the models you can see in the store and offers advice and creative input on new products and ideas.

Despite having lived in Canada for more decades than he cares to admit, Jon has yet to see a Mountie in the flesh.



Jean Moore - Chief Hot Beverage Stirrer and Concept Artist
Location - Happy here on the sofa, thank you very much!

Jean serves to provide "motivation" to both Dorian and Jon to get things done. This often takes the form of snide comments or general nagging. She also provides a fresh set of eyes on designs, often picking out problems or offering suggestions the others have not noticed as well as being responsible for taking the lead on the concept design for our Dragon Faction buildings.

When not working on DFA products she enjoys reading and feeding her Minion and Firefly obsession.




We aim to offer the best possible customer service and product. You can expect: 

  • Fast Dispatch and Worldwide Shipping - All our product is designed (and mostly manufactured) in house, so is almost always in stock. Typical dispatch time is less than 72 hours (Monday to Friday) though larger orders, or orders placed during peak periods, may take a little longer. 
    • Wide Range of Components - We are always expanding the range and actively consider all requests and suggestions.
    • High Quality Product - You can expect to find virtually no bubbles in any DFA Miniatures component.
    • Great Customer Service and Product Guarantee - We aim to provide the best possible service. If you are unhappy with the product you have received for any reason, we will gladly exchange it or refund your money.

    If you have any questions, suggestions or other enquiries, we'd love to hear from you.

    Thank you for your interest in DFA Miniatures products. We really appreciate your support!