What is the B.A.S.E. System?


How did the Battlefield Architecture and Scenery Expansion (or BASE for short) System begin? Well who better to explain than the creator,  Dorian Sherratt, himself. 

"When I moved from hex map to miniature rules gaming, I struggled to find any decent affordable scenery. Thus I decided to make some myself. These were sold online under the name of Mechanized Designworks. I found many other people liked them. This led to my decision to make an entire range accessible to the public through DFA, in the form of the BASE System."


BASE Systems are modular.  There are many buildings, from stand-alone structures and themed sets, to totally modular sets that allow players to build a base as big or small as they wish. A host of new building designs and base layouts can be created by simply repositioning individual sections; while the same parts can be endlessly reconfigured to provide new vistas for each game. 

If you're looking to build a small outpost or firebase or a big planetary command centre for your games, BASE has you covered. Best of all: because BASE System is modular, you can take it apart and redesign it when setting up your next game.  

Infinite possibilities and configurations await with BASE.


BASE offers a uniform look and feel across sets in the range.

While each module in a set is interchangeable, it will still conform to the overall chosen appearance of your tabletop. In addition, you can make sets look entirely different, yet cohesive, with a few additional components in different paint livery.


Start small and go large … or start big.  The choice is yours. The BASE System is available in box sets and individual components. You can evolve your BASE System at your own speed by adding components or sets as and when it suits you.


BASE Systems can be used in a variety of different game systems. In fact, our range of sci-fi buildings can be used for any 6mm wargame that requires high technology or near-future looking buildings … or for any other model or scenic application you choose.

But don't just take our word for it....

Even the greatest commentator from the Game World loves the B.A.S.E. System.