Miscast Lucky Dip Bag - Medium

DFA Miniatures

Regular price £20.00

Our miscast packs offer great value for money. They are the perfect way to create damaged and ruined versions of our buildings.

Each pack is picked from parts at random from our miscasts bin. These items are parts from casts that do not meet our quality control process standards and are discarded.

The packs contain a random assortment of parts from across the range and will not necessarily come from the same model. 

Miscast parts will have at least one (or maybe more) of the following issues: 

  • Air bubbles
  • Malformed parts
  • Missing details
  • Damaged details
  • Warping
  • Bulging

Be aware these packs are not representative of the quality of our retail products.

Each pack offers a saving of between 50% and 75% of the regular retail price of the parts contained within. 

These packs are only available when we have enough to sell in a bag.